Ottawa Hockey School our story

Endeavour Sports Group has teamed up with Doc Hockey and has established itself as one of the most progressive Ottawa Hockey Schools.  The reason it has become one the best in Ottawa is because of its ability to incorporate great training techniques in skating, scoring and stickhandling for individual forwards and defensemen.

It separates itself from others by practicing a skill and implementing it immediately into a game situation.  They also provide player mentoring. Do other schools have player mentoring with video and game notes?

It has been proven that observing yourself on camera is a great teaching method; you never look the way you think you do, and it is easier to make improvements when you see your skills on camera right infront of you.

As a progressive school our numbers are growing yet we limit our players to ensure the best player: instructor ratio, thus every player will get some one on one instruction at each training session. We even do private sessions and to keep costs down use small 3 on 3 rinks for affordable ice.

Typically Ottawa hockey schools have their players skate through drills with an abundance of other players crowding each others’ space, and slowing down drills.

Without the proper player/instructor ratio players will continue bad habits without the encouragement and correction from instructors.

Our method teaches specific explosive skating with quick bursts, incorporating the weight over skates for power and stability, and changing gears or speed to increase deception of incoming defenders. 

Our school develops stickhandling of specific dekes, timing of dekes and what situations to perform these special dekes. 

Other skills of skating include puck control without slowing down, separating the stick speed from the feet speed,  carrying the puck while maintaining great vision of the ice, and puck protection . We teach scoring from accuracy and an abundance of puck shooting to where most goals are scored on goalies, reacting to goalies position, and incorporating a quick release for more advantageous scoring results that are more efficient then other schools.

Doc Hockey also does individual and small group training to build skills for on the ice from his off ice explosive primordial strength training, stickhandling the speed, skill, and power.  

Overall, this is a Ottawa Hockey School Signature Program focused on training players to execute stickhandling skills at maximum speed. Balance, edge control, over-speed, acceleration, change of direction, and confined space agility are specific program features.

If your looking for an Ottawa Hockey School that has the whole package and more try our Ottawa Hockey School: Endeavour Sports Group Programs “Where we are developing players of the future.”